Simulators and Stimulators

Click to enlargeEroscillator 2 Plus

The Eroscillator 2 Plus is a unique piece of Swiss-designed engineering and the only device ever to gain the recommendation and endorsement of famed sexologist Dr. Ruth K Westheimer. Multiple power settings, multiple attachments and whisper quiet. Attachments included: Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb, Golden Spoon.

Click to enlargeThe Original Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight Ice Jack with Wonder Wave texture is the most popular version of the most popular male masturbator ever made. With it's Clear Shell and Clear Interior Sleeve, the Fleshlight Ice offers visual as well as sensual stimulation.

Clear Superskin feels like the real thing with perfectly spaced ripples along the length of the interior canal providing waves of sensation while allowing enough control to fully appreciate the Fleshlight experience.

This special purchase includes everything you need - Clear Case, Clear Butt Orifice with Wonder Wave Sleeve, and trial size lubricant.

Click to enlargeMagic Wand Massagers<br>Plug-in and Rechargeable Battery

These two massagers are the best. Both are powered by whisper quiet motors and allow you to choose between 2 levels of soothing vibrations. Both the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Wanachi Rechargeable Massager offer intense power, which you can focus even better with the optional slip-on attachments. (attachments fit both massagers)

A) Wireless. Enjoy the freedom of wireless stimulation with the Wanachi Massager. Simply plug in the AC adaptor for a quick recharge and you are ready for portable action with no wires to get in the way. $48

B) Plug-in. The classic Hitachi Magic Wand massager is a long-time favorite. If the soft, flexible head doesn't provide enough stimulation, nothing will! Uses any standard 110-volt outlet (must be plugged in). $44

Attachments sold separately.

HMWRegular price: $44.00Sale price: $40.00
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Massager Attachments

These four eye-catching attachments, made of a rubbery jelly material, amplify the effects of the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Wanachi Rechargeable Massager. Please note that the jelly material can feel a little oily or sticky to some people. If this is a concern for you, we recommend a good water-based lubricant as a solution. Available in the colors/styles shown. Select all four and save 20%

A) The Straight attachment is the classic addition to your classic massager, measuring 3.5" long and just under 1.25" thick (4" around).

B) The Curved attachment is perfect for G-spot or prostate stimulation and measures about 3.5" long and a little over 1" diameter.

C) Just the right size, the sensual Phallic shape measures 3" of usable length, 1" in diameter and 3" in circumference.

D) The Pleasure Beads attachment add another interesting effect to your massager. The shaft is 3.75" long and has "beads" ranging from 7/8" up to 1-1/8" in diameter.

MA$12.00, 2 for $22.00, 4 for $40.00
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Pussy Galore (click here for details)Pussy Galore (click here for details)

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At latest count, we found more than 550 realistic vagina products on the market. We've selected a few of the top sellers which routinely get the best feedback. Should you desire another item available from another vendor, please let us know and we will not only get the item for you - but we will beat the price! Combined with our FLAT RATE SHIPPING - we want to be your one and only supplier of PUSSY GALORE!

Send us the link to the item and we will respond as quickly as possible with our lower price (within one business day.)


Featherweight CyberSkin Cock and Ass


The most lifelike vibrating cock and ass available! Innovative and amazingly realistic design; a first in the industry! This amazing toy is lightweight, ultra realistic size and feel, has a Touch pad controller with separate on/off button, 7 function waterproof bullet provides intense vibration, Dual Density CyberSkin covered IsoFoam core weighs 9.5 lbs., EZ Bend design lets you move his Cyber Cock, Three dimensional construction for realistic sexual positions, and has a tight anal opening and ribbed love tunnel. It's hand painted, for a realistic detail with squeezable balls. Phthalate free. Includes Renew to keep it like new! Requires 3-AAA batteries (not included)

TO74957Regular price: $225.00Sale price: $215.00
Click to enlargePink Lips

Slip your stiff one between the soft Pink Lips of this hefty 7” stroker and prepare for a whole new sensation. Not only does this thing look real, the hypoallergenic and latex-free Cyberskin material feels real, too. Tight ribbed walls hug and stimulate you. Open-ended for easy cleaning.

Inflatable Cock Sleeve

This inflatable rubber sleeve can provide lots of pleasure if used correctly. Apply a little lubrication inside and inflate the cylinder to apply pressure to the shaft. Moving it back and forth along the sleeve's ridges can be a very, very stimulating experience. Pump it up some more and feel the tight "death grip" which sends many over the edge just trying to thrust in and out! Or you can can squeeze out the air and feel the partial vacuum that literally sucks your cock. It's pretty fun - get an extra for your Internet buddy!

ICS$25.00, 2 for $45.00
Deep Throat Mastubation Sleeve

The Deep Throat Mastubation Sleeve creates its own sucking action. The latex throat wraps itself around your penis conforming to every curve. As you thrust in and out it creates a vacuum for a sucking effect. Easy grip handle, inside cavity is approx. 7" deep and about 1.5" in diameter.

Bonger Massage Mallets (Set of 2)

These deep therapy massage mallets provide an invigorating percussion-like massage where you basically get to beat the hell out of your partner's body. Also effective for self massage of the neck and shoulders. Called tapotement, the springy shafts make for a very lively massage action improving circulation, easing muscle tension, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Helps define the line between pain and pleasure. Bonger Massage Mallets feature wooden handles that are 4 inches long and 5/8 inches thick with a hard rubber ball on the end of a 7" coil spring shaft. Overall length is a little over a foot. Once you've been bonged, you'll want it all the time!

BNGRegular price: $20.00Sale price: $15.00
Blowjob Simulator

This greedy tongue and soft lips are not a bad start for a blowjob! When you add slippery latex and vibration (optional), we are talking about a first-class masturbator! Available with or without vibrating sleeve. (Vibrating version requires 2 AA batteries not included.)

BJS$19.00, 2 for $36.00
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Click to enlargeLipstick Blowjob Simulator

Beige rubber vibrating realistic mouth with red lips, with a multispeed vibration controller. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

The Wave

The art of pleasure just went hi-tech - say hey to The Wave and splash your way to huge orgasms! Waterproof fun for the shower, bath or even the bed! The Wave is contoured for your body and has a nubby head for added sensation.

9.75" long (25 cm) with 4" (12 cm) insertable. Just over .75" thick (3" around) to 1.5" thick (4.5" around). Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included.

The Sqwiggler VIBRATING Head Massager

The Sqwiggler is the motorized version of the Tingler head massager. Duplicates the gentle stimulation of nerve endings on the scalp as well as accupressure points that create goose bumps from head to toe. But with this version, you can turn the vibrator motor on for an even more thrilling sensation. Two AA batteries are included.

SQG$30.00, 2 for $54.00
Vampire Gloves

A pair of soft, thin black leather gloves with a snap closure at the wrist and one other special feature: the fingers have prickly little tacks sticking out of them (120 to be exact). The tacks are short, about 1/8" long, and will prick and scratch the skin like little thorns, but will not pierce the skin without pushing very firmly. The gloves can also be used very lightly, and will stimulate the skin in dozens of distinct little points without actually hurting (although the sensation may be intensely ticklish).

Regular price: $46.00Sale price: $42.00
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Fukuoku Massage Gloves

These revolutionary massage gloves hide powerful mini-massagers - one in each fingertip! Slip them on and rev them up. They make your fingers buzz like a swarm of very friendly bees - even under water! Two-speed battery pack is secured in a built-in wrist pouch. Stretchy nylon/lycra construction in either right-hand or left-hand models. Discounted when you purchase both. Works underwater so they're perfect for the jaccuzzi or shower. Uses 3 AAA batteries each (included). If no selection is made, we will ship Right Hand Glove.

FFF$44.00, 2 for $80.00
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Clone-A-Willy<br>(Penis Only)

Clone-A-Willy is a complete kit that perfectly copies a mans own penis in super realistic rubber. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes everything necessary to produce an EXACT rubber copy of any penis. These are the same top quality materials used throughout Hollywood to create amazing props and special effects. Use the same materials to create your own copy of any penis right from your own home. In order to keep that erection to its fullest, this kit also has special vibrating powers. Contains no latex, usable with any lube... very crafty.

CAW$36.00, 2 for $66.00
Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Thong

The first remote control thong for men! Fun way for Daddy to signal his boy when they go out. A discreet pocket sewn into the thong holds the removable, wireless vibrator - separate control box has a 12 foot range per the manufacturer, but we were able to reach up to 20 feet with fresh batteries! Pocket with vibrator can be used for anal or testicular stimulation. Black lycra thong is body enhancing, comfortable, and washable. One size fits most. Comes with batteries.

SE0086-03-3Regular price: $100.00Sale price: $75.00
Wireless Remote Control Butt Plug

Sleek, soft, rear-end exciter with discreet wireless remote unit about the size of a lighter. Whisper quiet and powerful. Latex plug is 4" (10 cm) in height and a manageable tapered 3/4" (2 cm) in diameter and can be activated by remote control switch from 15'-20' range. (We tested it and were able to get distances almost twice the manufacturer's) The vibrating stimulator is hidden in the base and is powered by three watch batteries (included). Having control of your partner from a distance can be very hot.

PP0210Regular price: $100.00Sale price: $80.00, 2 for $155.00
Click to enlargeAdonis Pouches

These latex ball sheaths are connected to a latex cock ring that has a vibrating bullet for extra stimulation. The cock ring is designed to be worn at the base of the penis in front of the balls. (Most cock rings are worn behind the balls.)

(A) Adjustable vibration at base of black latex enhancing ring and pouch with controller requiring 2AA bateries (not included). $24
(B) Black latex wireless and waterproof vibrating action with the push of the EZ touch button. Single micro-stimulator with batteries included.$24

Manufacturer states "you'll shoot like you've never done before with this testicular stimulator, erection support ring."

Select Style: 
Click to enlargeAll-In-One Fucking Machine

The affordable, versatile Love Machine is one of the first mass produced sex machines and it packs a serious fuck for your buck. Its main features include:

  • Lightweight (16 lbs) and easily portable
  • Designed for both women and men
  • 5 multi-speed functions of vibration & pulsation
  • Includes masturbation sleeve & bullet
  • PassionSkin vibe, 5" vibe, g-spot vibe, & an anal plug
  • Offers total angle adjustability, variable speed
  • Electrical adapter supplied

    The Love Machine's adjustable main console features 90 degree adjustment, so you can find the exact pleasure position that's right for you.

    The love machine comes with six attachments and five unique programs including Foreplay, Tease, Pulsation, Vibration and Climax.

    Not only does it fuck, but the stroker sleeve simulates masturbation. The small egg can be used on the top of the sleeve to add vibration as you're being stroked to orgasm. A great fucking machine for a small investment.

    The machine is 9.5H X 14.5L X 8.5W, and 16 lbs. It is a perfect size to straddle and is wall mountable as well!

    This item is being re-designed by the manufacturer. Let us know that you are interested and we will add you to the waiting list!

  • Deep Penetrating Dong

    We had fun with this toy! Latex vibrating dong with variable speed vibrations with Up and Down piston like action. The up and down action on this dong is so powerful that it moves even if you try to hold it back with your hand. About 7 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. Requires 3 "C" batteries not included.

    PP0214$42.00, 2 for $76.00
    Electric ZAPPER Paddle

    We had so much fun with this item we had to start selling them on the website. Marketed as an Electronic Insect Zapper, this 19" paddle uses 2 AA batteries to totally FRY flying insects. Perfect for all those summer-time pests. They actually spark and pop when they hit the metal grid!

    Push button activated, with indicator light, this paddles really gives a good jolt so be careful. Sold as a novelty only. We DO NOT sell these zappers for purposes of electrocuting humans. Batteries not included.

    Available in Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue. If you care which color you get, feel free to mention your choice in the Comments Section when you order.

    ZAP1Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $10.00
    Catalina Probe

    Soft jelly probe with "training tip" has multiple speed vibrator requiring 2 AA batteries (not included).

    PP0213$30.00, 2 for $54.00
    Vibrating Butt Plug with Ejaculation

    Fill the plug with warm water and squeeze the bulb for ejaculation. Plug is 6" high, 3-1/2" from the top to the ribbed section, and has adjustable vibration setting. Most of it is 1" wide (4" around) but the widest point is 1-1/2" in diameter and 5" around. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

    Metallic Massager

    Cool and sleek, these metallic vibrators are designed to fit anyone's tastes. Available with either Gold or Silver tips, these 7" massagers require 2 AA batteries (not included).

    Select Color: 
    Hard Throb 10" Vibrator

    Soft, sensual, very realistic skin-like texture over a hard stiff vibrator with powerful multi-speed action. This toy has an easy to remove rubber sleeve placed over a multi-speed vibrator. All the vibrator you'll ever need! Easy to clean. 10" long, 1.75"across. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included).

    PP0117$24.00, 2 for $44.00
    Gerbil Flex Stimulator

    The Gerbil is an economy stimulator with a 6-1/4 inch smooth Jelly coated flexible shaft with a vibrating bulb on the end (8 inch insertable including vibe end) Versatile enough to bend at any angle or direction or use in any position. Easy to use push button speed control requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

    GFSRegular price: $22.50Sale price: $18.00
    Microwavable Hot Cock

    We've heard of hot sex, but this is ridiculous! Place in the microwave for up to 20 seconds and experience erotic heat from the inside. Add the silver bullet in the bottom and turn up the dial for vibrato! Actually, it's a legitimately fun toy. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

    PP0215$42.00, 2 for $76.00
    Wireless Vibra Ball

    Powerful vibrating ball with a sensual, hygienically superior, silicone sleeve. Can be used for stimulation in or out of the water. Equipped with pleasure nodules for additional stimulation. 1-1/2" diameter. Includes batteries.

    WVB$24.00, 2 for $40.00
    Click to enlargeStainless Steel Vibrators

    Seems the market is being flooded by low-quality Asian reproductions of the Standard-size vibrators. We continue to offer these three varieties of high quality, surgical quality stainless steel vibrators imported from Germany. May be used for pinpoint stimulation externally on nipples and earlobes. Or use for urethral or clitoral stimulation.

  • 3.75" / 1.5" insertable (94mm / 38mm insertable) Shorty - $168 Sale $125
  • 7.5" / 4.25" insertable (190mm / 108mm insertable) Standard - $68 Sale $55
  • 11.75" / 9" insertable (300mm / 229mm insertable) Extra Long - $188 Sale $148
    All are .25 inches in diameter (7mm) at the narrowest and .5 inch (12mm) at the thickest. Powered by a single AAA battery (included), the intensity is adjusted by regulating the on/off finger screw. It packs quite a z-z-z-zing for your ding-a-ling!! Sample sterile lube, alcohol wipes, and AAA battery included.

    Regular price: $68.00Sale price: $55.00
    Select Size: 
  • Rubber Grip Clothespins

    These regular-sized wooden clothespins have two unique features - they are black and their grip ends have been coated in a thin layer of black rubber. The result is a smooth, soft surface that has a firm, no-slip grip. Wicked fun!

  • One for $3
  • Six for $12
  • Twelve for $20
  • Twenty-five for $36

    RGC$3.00, 6 for $12.00, 12 for $20.00, 25 for $36.00
  •  Bareback Mount Him <br>Inflatable Male Doll

    Winner of the coveted 'Best-Named Blow-up Doll Ever' award, this life size homage to the Wild West features a magnificent 7 inch 'loaded gun' plus an open mouth you just can't git enuff of, partner!

    Butch - The Beginner Doll

    Well, the actual plastic inflatable doesn't resemble the stud on the box. Even though he's not the best looking guy, he does have two "love holes" and a seven inch penis with a suction cup!

    Big Joe Doll

    Big Joe cums with a 7-inch removable cock, wide open mouth, and inviting anus. This life-size doll is one of HUGE proportions!

    SE1952-01Regular price: $44.00Sale price: $40.00
    Construction Man Inflatable

    Youll never pass that construction site in the same way after a night with the Construction Man doll. This erotic fantasy with 2 love passages and a sturdy 8-inch dong is ready for the toughest job assignments!

    SE195901Regular price: $64.00Sale price: $52.00
    The Black Doll

    We're sorta disappointed the manufacturer couldn't come up with a more creative name than this. Although the most important part of this inflatable is probably that he has a multi-speed, vibrating penis that is 7 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches in circumference.

    BDRegular price: $75.00Sale price: $69.00
    American She-Male Love Doll

    Enjoy the benefits of a woman and a man wrapped up in one package. She'll service you orally and penetrate you! \ Either way you take her/him it will be an experience you have always hoped was possible. Straddle her/his 6 inches of love and never go unsatisfied again! Enjoy the enclosed FREE Legend DVD and lube samples.

    SMDRegular price: $36.00Sale price: $33.00
    Deluxe John Holmes Fantasy Doll

    There are two cheaper versions of this doll without the deluxe features. This is the DELUXE version.

    Explore John's sucking mouth, deep, tight butt and feel the power of his extra large vibrating cock!

  • Full size Realistic head
  • Soft, brown curly hair
  • Super 8" vibrating cock
  • Wide open sucking mouth
  • Deep tight butt
  • Holds up to 250 lbs.

    Be John's fantasy lover. He can take it in his sucking mouth or deep, tight butt. He can give it too with his extra large vibrating cock. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

    DJ1713-01Regular price: $177.00Sale price: $142.00

    Molded directly from Jenna, her perfect ass and pussy have been re-created to the most minute detail. Now the experience of having this doll faced goddess has been transferred into a real doll. The Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll features a wireless, vibrating, ultra soft mouth for your pleasure. Amazing life-like skin, with a solid head and inflatable body. Removable vagina and ass and Jenna's breasts with life-like nipples. Long, flowing blonde hair. Life-like hands and feet. Stands 5 feet tall and holds up to 300 lbs. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

    DJ5543-14Regular price: $250.00Sale price: $175.00
    Hegar Dilator (Sounds) Double-sided Set

    The most widely available set of dilators, each sound in this set is slightly larger than the one before, and slightly larger on one end than on the other, for a total of 16 graduated sizes on 8 instruments. Diameters range from just over 3/16 inch to about 1/2 inch in diameter. The tubes are rounded at each end, and they come in a high-quality, zippered leather case (dark brown) with red velvet lining on the inside. This set of 8" probes is made of chrome-plated brass.Use only with sterile lubricant and clean with alcohol before each use.

    Available with these optional items:

  • 50 individually sealed alcohol saturated preps (wipes)
  • 1 sterile lubricant in 4oz. reclosable tube
  • 20 individually sealed 5g sterile lube packets

    DSHGRegular price: $66.00Sale price: $49.00
    Select Options: 
  • Pratt Dilator (Sounds) Set

    Pratt Dilators are approximately 10 inches long and double ended. One end is one size larger than the other and the size is stamped on the dilator. They are essentially straight except for a 15 degree bend about one inch back from each end. They are solid steel and heavier and longer than the Hegar Dilators. They are sized in French Sizes. They are available in sets of 8. The sizes are as follows: 13-15fr, 17-19fr, 21-23fr, 25-27fr, 29-31fr, 33-35fr, 37-39fr 41-43fr. The actual diameter size range is approximately the same as the Hegars, only longer. Comes in leather zippered carrying case.

    Available with these optional items:

  • 50 individually sealed alcohol saturated preps (wipes)
  • 1 sterile lubricant in 4oz. reclosable tube
  • 20 individually sealed 5g sterile lube packets

    PRATTRegular price: $69.00Sale price: $52.00
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  • VanBuren Sounds Set

    VanBuren Sounds are approximately 12 inches long with one insertion end. They are slightly tapered with a 70 degree bend approximately 1-� inches behind the tip. The back end of the sound widens with the size stamped on each. The set consists of 8 sounds. Sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 FR. (Note: 18 FR is about the circumference of a soda straw.) Comes in leather zippered carrying case.

    Available with these optional items:

  • 50 individually sealed alcohol saturated preps (wipes)
  • 1 sterile lubricant in 4oz. reclosable tube
  • 20 individually sealed 5g sterile lube packets

    VBSRegular price: $66.00Sale price: $49.00
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