Click to enlargePyrex Glass Insertables

  • High Quality Pyrex Glass, Made in the USA - all our items are solid glass unlike many cheap commercially sold imported hollow novelties

  • Pthalate Free - completely safe for those with allergies

  • Can Be Warmed Or Chilled - Place in a warm bowl of water for a pleasurable, warm sensation, or in the fridge (NOT THE FREEZER) for a tantalizing chilling orgasm

  • Easy To Clean - safe in most dishwashers (avoid super hot drying cycles)

  • Completely Smooth, Non-Porous Surface - no chance for any grubbies to infiltrate your Pyrex Glass toys

  • Last Longer Than Traditional Materials - doesn't deteriorate over time, so when properly cared for they may never have to be replaced

  • Artistic Designs - they are truly works of art and designed for maximum pleasure and usability

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    Prostate Stimulator

    The Centipede is a multi-function toy that has been a best seller for years. !2 inches in length, the smooth side has a bulb on the end to help grip when serving as a handle, although it is 7.5 inches insertable itself. The other half consists of six bulbs, the two end ones with nubs spaced perfectly around to help hit just the right spot.

    Sputnik Prostate Pleaser

    The Sputnik is shaped and sized to be completely functional for prostate stimulation, two bulbs on one end of the 9" curve are circled with nubs. Bulb on the other end makes handling the Sputnik easy, although it is six inches insertable with a big bulb on the end. This toy is outta this world!

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    Angled Love Wand

    A basic in any glass toy chest, the Angled Love Wand is 12 inches long with a good 6.5 inch angled insertable end (4.75 circumference). The 5 inch handle (also insertable of course) has a 3.5 inch circumference with a 3.75 inch circumference bulb on the end for good gripping.

    Snake Head Love Probe

    Named for the V-shaped indentation on the underside of the large bulb (resembling a mouth), the Snake Head Love Probe is perfectly designed for stimulation. 6.5 inches insertable, the stem of this toy is 3.25 inches in circumference.

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    Standard Pyrex Butt Plug

    This beautiful, classically-shaped butt plug is contoured to conform to anal anatomy and continues to be one of our most popular glass insertables. Perfect for beginners, insertable to 5 inches, with a 5 inch maximum circumference. Rectangle flange.

    Royale Butt Plug

    The smallest of our glass toys, the Royale is as colorful and it is practical. Perfectly sized at 3.25 inches tall, the plug is 2.75 inches insertable with a wide flange to keep the plug in place safely. The 5 inches maximum circumference makes this plug practical for novices as well as more advanced players.

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    Pacifier Butt Plug

    The Pacifier Butt Plug isn't designed for the hole in your head... the 3" shaft (about 1" in diameter) feels great whether using it on yourself or on someone else. Convenient ring end makes insertion and retrieval easy, especially when your hands have lube on them.

    Three Tier Butt Plug

    Another classic, each tier of this butt plug guarantees more pleasure. Rectangle flange.


  • Height: 5.75 inches
  • Insertable 5 inches
  • Diameter: 1.75 inches max diameter
  • Base: 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 14 oz
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    The Pokey Butt Plug

    Designed for all beginners to butt toys, the Pokey is 4.75 inches tall with 4 of those inches insertable. It has a slender maximum circumference of 4.75 inches with a large round flange base. Highly recommended.

    Honeycomb Double Plug

    This great butt plug had two levels of insertion pleasure - first is the honeycomb portion for sensation, the next is the gradually thickening shaft for that "full" feeling. Maximum circumferences for each part is 4.75 inches. The total insertable length is 4.75 inches.

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    Pyrex Realistic with Balls

    As much art as novelty, the Realistic with balls stands up 8 inches on it's own and boasts a well-formed head and veins protruding. Insertable to about 7 inches, the width at aalls is 3.25 inches. Weighing in at over 1 pound, this toy is bound to be the jewel in your collection.

    Pyrex Glass Rainbow Probe

    The Rainbow Probe is a true work of art in glass. About 10" long, this Pyrex probe has a comfortable handle with a series of colorful "bumps" all the way to the head.


  • Height: 10 inches
  • Diameter: 1-1.4 inch
  • Insertable Length: 9 inches
  • Weight: 13 oz
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    Sensational Glass Double Dong

    Two, two, two toys in one! The Sensational Glass Double Dong features one end that is covered with nubs and another end that has a spiral wrap along it's length. This toy definitely lives up to its name!


  • Height: 13 inches
  • Diameter: 1-3/4 inch
  • Insertable Length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb 4.5 oz
  • Three Tier Spinner (Angled Handle)

    All the advantages of a three tier butt plug, but with the added thrill of being able to easily spin the toy around once inserted with the unique angled handle. 7 inches long with 4 inches insertable. The maximum circumference is 5.5 inches. We get many repeat orders from those who try the spinners. Fun and unique.

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    Nubby Spinner (Straight Handle)

    This Spinner has an off-center handle that makes spinning the toy once inserted easy and fun. The nubs along it's 4" insertable length are evenly spaced providing continuous stimulation when rotated. It averages about 8.5 inches in total length with about 4 inches insertable.

    Pyrex Butt Plug Probe

    A very practical toy, the Glass Butt Plug Probe provides all the benefits of a butt plug with the added ability to probe and prod with the handle. Centered handle.


  • Height: 8.5 inches
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches at widest point. Tip is .5 inch
  • Insertable length: 4 inches and handle is 4 inches long
  • Caring for Glass Toys

    The main thing to be aware of when using and storing glass dildos is that they are, after all, glass. For those of you who weren't paying attention in fourth-grade safety class, we'll review two important rules: Glass breaks fairly easily, and broken glass is very, very sharp. Even a small nick in a glass dildo will turn it immediately from a fun and useable sex toy into a razor-sharp tetanus-wand that you never, ever, ever want to get near your tender bits, a pretty ornament suitable only for displaying on your mantelpiece.

    Therefore, you want to be extra-careful with glass toys, especially when they're all lubed up -- the smoothness and slickness is part of the point, but these suckers are slippery, and they're triple-slippery when they're wet. So keep them well away from hard surfaces -- if you're going to have that passionate scene in the back alley behind your apartment or on the cement floor of your office warehouse, use a different dildo. With glass toys, stick to the bed, or at least a well-carpeted floor. And when you're storing your glass dildo, it's a very good idea to wrap it in a soft cloth or bag, to avoid bumps and bruises in the bedside drawer.

    Glass does have some interesting safety advantages, though. The main advantage is that it's not porous, which means it's a whole lot easier to clean and disinfect than a lot of other sex-toy materials. And hard surfaces notwithstanding, it's fairly hard to damage glass; you can soak it in bleach or rubbing alcohol without any ill effects.

    But do be aware that not all glass toys are alike. All of our glass toys are made of Pyrex but some stores sell cheaper, less durable glass toys. All our toys can be warmed or cooled at least somewhat (in fact, one of the fun things about glass toys is its ability to maintain warmth or coolness). Our glass toys can be boiled or cleaned in the dishwasher. So if you want that extra bit of disinfecting security that only comes with very hot water - rest assured our toys can take it.

    Finally, do not -- repeat, DO NOT -- use any glass object as a sex toy that isn't specifically intended to be used as a sex toy. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. Soda bottles, test tubes, lightbulbs, etc. -- stay the hell away. They're neither smooth enough nor strong enough for sex, as anyone who's worked in an emergency room can verify. Stick with the stuff that's meant to be used in the tender bits, and keep your tender bits happy and safe.

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