Pumps and Enlargers

Pumper's Cock Strap

Designed especially for pumping, this Cock Strap adjusts to accommodate your size more exactly by pulling the adjustment tab through 2 metal cinches until it fits snugly and comfortably. No snaps on this 1/2" wide leather cock strap. Allows you to adjust incrementally as you "expand" and keep the snuggest fit without bruising.

C112$10.00, 2 for $18.00
Click to enlargeCylinder Sleeves and Donuts

Cylinder Sleeves create an air seal for better suction and Cylinder Donuts cushion where the cylinder presses against the pelvic bone. They all stretch to fit almost all size cylinders. Select three or more in any combination for discounted pricing.

A. Silicone - firm, long-lasting - $14
B. Soft CyberSkin - hole stretches wide, skin-like feel - $14
C. Soft CyberSkin with Lips - hole stretches wide, skin-like feel - $14
D. Silicone Sleeve - Set of two black sleeves (fits up to 3" cylinders) - $14
E. Silicone Sleeve - Set of two clear sleeves (fits up to 3" cylinders - $14

$14.00, 3 for $36.00
Select Type: 
Plunger Pump

This inexpensive pump is as good as some that are many times more expensive. Designed for powerful sucking action with precision piston movement. You control the action by using the piston pump handle. The cylinder is 9 inches long and 2-3/4 inches wide.

DJ0644-00$29.00, 2 for $54.00
Click to enlargeRamrod Vibrating Pump

Powerful high tech pump from Catalina with hands free multi-speed vibrator pack. Pump up the tube for an incredible erection. Then turn up the vibe for some soothing and stimulating vibrations. Easy release purge valve. Clear plastic cylinder, flexible black tubing, comfortable black latex ring and non-tarnishing steel. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

SE1017-00$34.00, 2 for $60.00
Magnum Pump with Gauge

The best quality all-in-one pumps on the market, the Magnum Pump is equipped with a new safety vacuum gauge, and easy to operate one-handed pump handle that allows you to control and arrive at your most comfortable pressure. Surgical latex sleeve to ensure positive sealing with safety vacuum gauge. Magnum Vacuum Chamber size is 10" in length and 2-1/4" in diameter. Vacuum Release pin. Handle, with air piston release. This is the same pump that sells for $150 and more

DJ0651-00Regular price: $150.00Sale price: $100.00
Click to enlargeAuto Sucker Pump

This novelty item isn't the highest quality product to come down the pike, but it is an interesting concept. This compact blow job simulator plugs into your car's lighter and creates a suction in the 6 inch long and 1.5 inch wide latex sleave. This toy won't be a family heirloom, but it's worth a shot (or two)!

ASP$28.00, 2 for $50.00
Modular Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

There are several manufacturers of high end vacuum pump systems, each claiming their products are superior. We have found no one company with a complete line of products that we are satsfied with. Luckily, components are interchangable between products from Falcon Pumps, LA Pumpworks, Boston Pumpworks and Dr. Joel's Pumps.

We have selected the best quality components regardless of the manufacturer. This enables us to offer a much larger variety of ONLY quality products, at the best prices possible.

Deluxe One-Hand Pump with Gauge

Metal construction pump with psi gauge for accuracy and safety. Durable and designed for one hand use. NOT suitable for wet use. The best pump on the market.

DPMPRegular price: $74.00Sale price: $60.00
Click to enlargeBrass Piston Pump

This two-handed brass suction pump consists of a brass air chamber and piston rod, with a neoprene valve. It's a marvel of simplicity and perhaps it's best feature is it can be used with water as well. The entire unit snaps apart for easy cleaning.

BPW001Regular price: $55.00Sale price: $40.00
Click to enlargeLightweight Trigger Pump

Easy to grip with one hand, the Lightweight Trigger Pump is the easiest to use of all these pumps. Perfect when traveling because of it's hard plastic construction, it still delivers very powerful suction. Has a pressure gauge and quick release trigger. Very sturdy construction.

LTPRegular price: $70.00Sale price: $60.00
Click to enlargeDeluxe Electric Pump

For the serious pumper... the Deluxe Electric Pump is the best quality premium pump made. (Cylinders sold separately)

  • Comes with 30" plastic hose
  • Enclosed in its own carrying case
  • Quiet & easy to use
  • Vacuum control knob and level gauge
  • Small: 7 x 7 x 9 inches -- only 6 pounds
  • 6' power cord with storage compartment
  • Fan for cool operation
  • One year warranty

    DEPRegular price: $435.00Sale price: $429.00
  • Isolator Cylinder

    This incredible cylinder is especially for advanced pump pigs. Most guys can take a LOT more pumping of their nuts than their cocks. This sucker allows you to pump both, separately. Your cock gets a good pump, and THEN you can switch and use the special NUT valve to get a SERIOUS ball pumping!

    It is important to get the right size with this cylinder because the vacuum seal between the isolation chambers is formed by your pumped up, expanded penis. To figure out what size, use the same method suggested to measure for our conventional cylinders. Wrap a piece of string loosely around the base of your erect dick. Then lay the string flat and measure it with a ruler. Here is the guide to get the right size for the Isolator:

  • String Measures 5 > Order 1-1/2 inch cylinder
  • String Measures 6 > Order 1-3/4 inch cylinder
  • String Measures 7 > Order 2 inch cylinder
  • String Measures 8 > Order 2-1/4 inch cylinder
    (Are you between these string measurements? Round down.)

    ISORegular price: $185.00Sale price: $165.00
    Select Size: 
  • Click to enlargeFlared-Base Cylinders

    These are the finest Flared-Base Enlargement Cylinders made. Not comparable to Dr. Joel's or Boston Pump, ours are heavier and have flared bases for a more comfortable fit. Penis enlargement cylinders are sized using the circumference (the distance around) the penis when erect. To measure the erect penis to use a string or shoelace and wrap it loosely around the thickest part of the penis when erect. (Usually this is very near the base, but some men find the area near the glans (just below the head) to be thicker. 

    Mark the string where it comes together, lay the string out flat next to a ruler and measure the distance between the markings. This measurement is your penis circumference. Use the chart below to determine what size penis cylinder to order. (if your measurement falls between two steps on the chart round up to the larger cylinder size.

    Penis Circumference

    Order Cylinder Diameter















    $70.00, 2 for $126.00
    Select size: 
    Click to enlargeExtra Large Flared-Base Cylinders

    Check below for Extra Large Flared-Base Cylinders sizing.

    Penis Circumference

    Order Cylinder Diameter









    $80.00, 2 for $144.00
    Select size: 
    Foreskin Suction Unit

    This product is intended for advanced pumpers for foreskin restoration. We do not suggest this for beginners or for "non-specialized" pumpers.

    LM72-670027Regular price: $58.00Sale price: $50.00
    Nipple Cylinders

    You get two nipple cylinders. You will also need a pump, and a Buddy Connector. (priced as a pair) Available in:

  • Small (1/2" inside diameter)
  • Medium (3/4" inside diameter)
  • Large (1" inside diameter).

    Regular price: $66.00Sale price: $59.00
    Nipple Cylinders: 
  • Buddy Connector Kits

    Here is the way to pump two tits at the same time. Or, you and a buddy can pump BOTH of your cocks at the same time. Two choices of kits.

  • The Standard Kit has 24 inches of tubing from "tit to tit" and the length of "Y" piece that connects to the pump is 8 inches.
  • The Extra Long Kit includes tubing from "tit to tit" of a generous 40 inches. The length of "Y" piece that connects to the pump is 16 inches. This is TWICE the tubing included other buddy connector kits.

    Select Size: 
  • Male Coupler

    Push in connectors to attach pump hoses to the cylinders. Compatible with most major brands of cylinders.

    Female Coupler

    Screw in replacement connector for the top of cylinders. Compatible with most major brands of cylinders. Please note that the manufacturer no longer provides the black rubber gasket pictured.

    Pump Tubing

    We offer you tubing to custom design your own pumping system. Price is 65˘ per foot up to nine feet. Ten feet or more drops down to 55˘ per foot. Simply select the number of feet you want. Please note: pump tubing does not include any couplers.

    PT$0.65, 10 for $5.50
    Mushroom Head Cylinder

    This cylinder creates an isolating vacuum at the head of the penis resulting in a larger head. The penis is pumped until the shaft fills the base of the cylinder, allowing the head of the penis more room to expand.

    MHCRegular price: $148.00Sale price: $140.00
    Double Ended Buddy Cylinder

    The Double Ended Buddy Cylinder is for use by two men at once. Penis openings at each end, pump connector in the middle. 2-1/4" diameter x 20" in length.

    DEBCRegular price: $100.00Sale price: $80.00
    Rosebud Anal Pump

    A fantastic invention designed to help plump the lips of the anus. Can also aid in relaxing the muscles for anal play. Available in only one size.

    Two-Stage Penis and Ball Cylinder

    Designed for advanced pumpers - this product allows pumping of both penis and balls simultaneously. It creates a lot of vacuum space that expands all of your tissues. This means your cock AND balls expand easier allowing you to gain in the size of your cock and balls in shorter time.

    Please note this item is custom made when ordered and shipped directly from the manufacturer, adding as many as 10 days to delivery time. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have prior to ordering because these units are not accepted for return by the manufacturer.

    2.75 x 4.5 x 10 inches
    3 x 5 x 10 inches
    3.25 x 6 x 10 inches
    3.5 x 6 x 10 inches
    4 x 6.5 x 10 inches
    5 x 7 x 10 inches

    Select Size: 
    Pussy Pump

    The latest rage... swollen lips - and we're not talking Angelina Jolie! This attachment is for the lower "love lips"... the labia and vulva! Perfect for creating the popular Camel Toe. Designed for comfort and long life!

    Click to enlargeBreast Cups (pair)

    All the ladies agree these Breast Cups are awesome fun! Designed for use in conjunction with a pump and Buddy Connection Kit (sold separately). Available in small (A Cup), medium (B Cup) and large (C Cup), the manufacturer touts these babies as breast enhancers that will increase a woman’s cup size. What we know for sure is these Breast Cups are all about increased excitement and make for a HOT visual. Select size below. Sold as a pair only.

    PBCRegular price: $150.00Sale price: $139.00
    Select Size: 
    Click to enlargeClassic Pussy Pump

    This classic pink pump is easy to use and easy to clean. The ergonomically correct cup shape with quick release valve is perfect for beginners and experienced users as well. You will love the no-kink hose that is also removable with no loss of suction because it will hold you where you want to be even if you remove the hose.

    CPPRegular price: $22.00Sale price: $20.00
    Click to enlargeVibrating Pussy Pump

    Place the contoured cup of the Vibrating Pussy Pump over your vagina lips, then trigger the high-intensity super suction by pulling the easy-grip, medical-style pump lever. Once the pump is snug around your extraordinarily enormous lips, stimulate the swell with a vibrating buzz by activating the multi-speed bullet! With a quick turn of the dial on the hand control unit, your pussy will plump up with passion and vibrate with pleasure.

    VPPRegular price: $48.00Sale price: $44.00

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