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Locking Leather Chastity Belt

When it comes to chastity, the most important feature of any device is how secure it is. The Locking Leather Chastity Belt is totally secure. A leather pouch and strap covers the genital and anal areas, with sets of leather straps encircling the waist and the thighs. Each strap is fully adjustable and lockable with a metal padlock at the buckle. Includes 4 brass locks.

3317Regular price: $208.00Sale price: $195.00
Thick Rubber Sheath with Tube

This thick molded rubber cock and ball sheath fits snugly like a cockring. It surrounds all your stuff and has a wide excretion tube at the end that can be clamped closed or attached to other tubing - perfect for watersports fans.

RST$20.00, 2 for $36.00
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Houdini Chastity Cages

The Houdini chastity device is made from a single, stainless steel handcuff, which is permanently welded to a steel tube. The cuff locks around the cock and balls, and then the penis is enclosed by the tube, and protrudes out and downward at the end. The inside diameter of the Small/Medium tube is 1-1/4", and the Medium/Large measures 1-3/8". Lengths are 3" and 3-1/4". The tube on the Small/Medium Houdini has a more severe downward slope than the Medium/Large version, which makes it more confining and more subtle under clothing. The cuffs are double-locking for security and safety.

Small/Medium - $150
Medium/Large - $190

See our specially designed Houdini Locking Harness - highly recommended.

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Houdini Locking Leather Harness

The Houdini Harness is made of sturdy black leather with a 2" wide locking adjustable band, a front panel, and a g-string style 3/4" leather adjustable strap down the back. One mini brass lock is included.

S/M fits a 28"-38" waist size M/L fits a 36"-44" waist size

The Houdini Chastity Cage is sold separately.

HLLHRegular price: $310.00Sale price: $266.00
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The Catapult

The Catapult is a locking chastity device consisting of a metal pouch that completely covers the cock and balls, and tapered leather waist straps that hold everything firmly in place. The metal pouch is hinged at the bottom and opens up to reveal a single metal ring holding the cock upright inside the cage. The waist straps buckle in back and the butt strap locks through a post in the rear of the waist. When it is locked on, there is definitely no touching or feeling the cock and balls. All locks and screws included.

CATRegular price: $420.00Sale price: $400.00
Stallion Chastity Guard

We offer four varieties of Stallion Chastity Guards consisting of a lockable leather cock strap with an attached metal cage (like a heavy duty wire cage from a champagne bottle). Notice the small ring at the base of the cock strap which acts like a hasp. When combined with a small padlock (optional), this chastity device is very difficult to remove. Four styles differ by the addition of metal rings:

Cock strap and metal cage only - $30
Cock strap, one ring and metal cage - $36
Cock strap, two rings and metal cage - $42
Cock strap, three rings and metal cage - $48

Select optional 5/8" nickel-plated padlock with key above - $6.50

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Closed-End Leather Jewel Case

Protect and preserve those precious family jewels. One piece leather lace-up cock sheath with closed end, and leather ball bag. Adjustable leather strap secures the Jewel Case to the jewels.

C121Regular price: $50.00Sale price: $40.00
The CB-3000 and The Curve
Male Chastity Kits

We offer two varieties of the latest designs in modern male chastity devices. The slim, smooth lines permit both the CB-3000 and the Curve to be worn easily under clothing. The difference between the versions is the Curve is designed to accommodate a larger penis than the CB3000.

They are slightly vented with curving lines and custom openings for comfort and hygiene. The material, a highly durable transparent polycarbonate, is functional and appealing, and its strength exceeds that of acrylic and many other plastic blends. The Curve is only available in Clear. the CB3000 comes in Clear, Black, and Pink Neon.

It is possible to urinate with a device attached. When locked with a plastic lock, the device will not set off metal detectors in airports or at other security checkpoints, so it is possible to wear the device 24/7 without interfering with travel or business routines. This compact design involves no uncomfortable belts, straps or chains.

Both the Curve and the CB-3000 consist of two main parts, the cage portion:

  • (The CB-3000 inside length 3" - inside diameter 1-3/8")
  • (The Curve inside length 3-3/4" - inside diameter 1-1/2") and the cuff ring. They easily slide together by means of two guide pins and a locking pin. The guide pins extend from the cage portion. Different-sized spacing rings are provided to allow a personalized fit. The five cuff rings included in the kit have inside diameters of 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", and 2" and open at the bottom so that they can be closed easily around the cock and balls. Align the pin holes with the pins on the main part of the cage, add the spacers, and then install the cage portion. The balls will then be trapped between the cuff and the cage. The smooth, rounded design minimizes pinching and chafing while being worn. One should be able to wear it 24/7 for indefinite periods of time...1 week, 3 months...wearer and Keyholder ultimately determine the period of time!

    The kits include the following: One brass padlock with two keys, 5 individually numbered, tamper-proof plastic locks, 3 different lengths of locking pins and 5 differently-sized spacers. On the CB3000, select between Clear, Black, or Pink Neon colors.

    As a rule, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our items. However, these chasity kits are made with plastic parts which can't be sterilized once worn. So we will accept NO RETURNS on this item. We will however make all efforts to support your use of the product.

    Regular price: $200.00Sale price: $160.00
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    Rubber Penis Stash

    This male chastity device consists of a zippered black rubber pouch held in place by a thick, shiny, buckling latex cock strap. The buckle is the lockable kind, so the Penis Stash can be locked on. We don't rate this item as a high-security device, since in many (if not most) cases, the man who's wearing it could get it off if he made a concerted effort. However, if the lock stays locked, he will not be able to get it back on, so that makes the device "tamper evident." The Penis Stash allows the genitals to be totally enclosed and confined, but still vulnerable to stimulation by touch, which will be felt through the rubber. This can make for an intense sensory experience. There is a hole at the end of the pouch which will allow for fluids to flow in and out.

    The Rubber Penis Stash comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and XL. The buckling cock ring is adjustable over a wide range, so it's mainly a question of choosing the right sized pouch. If you measure the girth (distance around) of your whole "package" (the cock and balls) at its widest point when it's soft, that is the best indicator of which size to order.

  • Small - Height 3.9", Girth 9.5"
  • Medium - Height 4.4", Girth 10.1"
  • Large - Height 4.7", Girth12"
  • X-Large - Height 4.9", Girth 13"

    RPSRegular price: $139.00Sale price: $120.00
  • The Rhino

    The Rhino's horn drops down to slip your dick in. Your balls are trapped in the lower rear cage. The two parts swing upward and screw lock at the top. A double locking device allows this to be tamper proof. Hex screws pull the two parts of the cage together. Padlocks are placed in front of the screw head to prevent the allen wrench from being put into the screw. Leather belly plate and locking waistband pull all parts of the chastity belt together making it escape proof. Two padlocks and keys included.

    RNORegular price: $420.00Sale price: $400.00
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    The Samurai

    The Samurai Cock Cage combines an intricate triangular-shaped metal cage with a rounded ball pouch, on a leather harness. The front half of the cage hinges at the bottom and swings upward to lock on with a hex screw. The cock can be either in an upright position or folded downward. The waist and butt straps adjust from 28" to 40". Comes with locks, screws and keys!

    SAMRegular price: $420.00Sale price: $400.00

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