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Red Star Satchel

Trendy yet practical, our Red Star Satchel features three inner compartments, one outer compartment with snaps, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Extremely practical for lots of uses including a stylish laptop bag. 15"x11"x4"

RSSRegular price: $25.00Sale price: $20.00
Click to enlargeRED UNION SUIT

We decided to get carry these on a request of a local men's softball team - they wanted to wear them out to a club after the game. VERY fun! These are the old fashioned Red Union Suits - 100% cotton, the sexy one-piece long underwear garments famous for the back opening flap with button closure for easy access (we are sure you can figure out what for). Nine button front, 100% cotton. Available in four sizes (Chest Size) Small: 34-36, Medium-38-40, Large: 42-44, XLarge: 46-48

High quality with high entertainment possibilities!

6453Regular price: $37.00Sale price: $34.00
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Pepper Defense Spray

This pocket size red pepper defense spray is easy to carry with you but creates severe skin and eye irritation. Legal to purchase in all 50 states. (Sorry, we can not sell internationally) Quick effect lasts up to one hour. Contains 2% Oleoresin capsicums.

R11005$10.00, 2 for $16.00
Man Bag with Cell Phone Holder

Wearing chaps without the benefit of pockets? Need a place for your valuables and cell phone? This handy soft lambskin leather pouch is as great for travelers as for a night out on the town. This "Man Bag" comes with a wide adjustable nylon chest strap with a convenient cell phone pouch in front, two large snap flap pockets secured by snaps. Great looking and practical at a fantastic price! Style may vary slightly from photo.

Click to enlargeFanny Pack with Cell Phone Pocket

This perfect size fanny pack is an exceptional value with a cell phone pocket on front just where you need it. Black lambskin leather measures 13"x 6"x 4". This 7-pocket bag comes with two large top pockets, two side small change pockets, two front pouch pockets along with a handy cell phone pocket, adjustable nylon waist strap and fully lined. Adjusts from 28" to 45" hip measurement.

FBAGRegular price: $28.00Sale price: $24.00
Deluxe Shoulder Pouch
with Cell Phone Pocket

Perfect for a day in the park or a hike in the dunes, this smart Shoulder Pouch is more versatile than a fanny pack and more functional than a backpack.

  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • cell phone pocket
  • sunglass/cigarette pouch
  • side entry zipper (to hide your beer)
  • large three pocket expandable pouch
  • long hidden inside zipper

    SBAGRegular price: $42.00Sale price: $39.00
  • Anywhere Pack with Cell Phone Pocket

    The Anywhere Pack is a super handy little black bag with a convenient adjustable single shoulder strap that can be unzipped down the middle to make a double strap to wear as a back pack.

  • side cell phone pocket
  • large, zippered main compartment
  • front flap organizer
  • lambskin leather

    ABAGRegular price: $35.00Sale price: $26.00
  • Click to enlargeCross Body Bookbag
    with Cell Phone Pocket

    A book bag or handbag, you choose, that crosses the body either in front or in back with an added cell phone pocket just above the bag on the strap. Made of extra soft top grain lambskin leather and comes with two large zippered compartments. Bag measures 11"x10"x4"

  • cell phone pocket on strap
  • two large zip compartments
  • adjustable cross body strap
  • lambskin leather

    CBAGRegular price: $48.00Sale price: $36.00
  • Stainless Steel Hip FlaskStainless Steel Hip Flask

    This stainless steel hip flask is as beautiful as it is practical. Slips easily in your pocket. Although we don't recommend it, some take their own "spirits" with them when they go out to supplement purchased beverages. This discrete flask will pay for itself in one nite out! However you use it - you will definately look super cool doing it! Concave shaped, 8oz.

    R645Regular price: $18.00Sale price: $15.00, 2 for $30.00
    Oval Travel Bottle Sets

    These handy FDA-approved polyethylene oval bottles have leak-proof caps and are perfect for millions of things like throw-away lube containers or shampoo bottles for travel or the gym. Inexpensive enough to be disposable if you want. We have heard they can be used as "booze flasks" for sneaking alcohol into clubs to "jack up" weak drinks or avoid expensive cocktail prices. Available in three sizes:

  • Three 8oz Bottles
  • Five 4oz Bottles
  • Nine 2oz Bottles
  • Mixed - One 8oz, Two 4oz, Three 2oz

    If no size is selected, we will ship "Mixed".

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  • Click to enlargeKnee Pads

    Spend a lot of time on your knees? We have three comfort solutions for you:

  • Flexible Pads provide ample cushion as well as freedom of movement. They can be worn UNDER your pants so no one can tell. Only $10

  • Hard Cap Pads feature a hard polypropylene cap with comfortable foam padding for maximum protection for your knees. Only $10

  • Super Rubber Pads feature a shock absorbing inner foam padding for super comfortable protection. Only $25

    All include two pads.

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  • Disposable Foam Earplugs
    (package of 10 pairs)

    These comfortable, lightweight foam plugs are easy to use- simply roll between fingers, insert in ear and hold for several seconds. Disposable yet durable enough to be reused. Rated 29dB. (approx. reduces the sound level of an average club music system to the level of conversational speech). Great in submission scenes to add to sensory deprivation in combination with gags and blindfolds. Sold in packages of ten individually wrapped pairs of earplugs (Twenty plugs in total).

    Reuseable Earplugs
    (package of 2 pairs)

    Innovative design of ultrathin, extremely flexible triple flanges, like a Christmas tree, these earplugs are among the smallest and most effective reuseable earplugs anywhere. The stem is flat, providing a firm grip allowing for easy insertion. Hypo-allergenic. Washable and reuseable, each pair packaged in an individual ziplock bag. Extremely comfortable and highly effective with a 31dB rating. (approx. reduces the sound level of a LOUD club music system to the level of conversational speech). Sold in packs of 2 individually wrapped pairs of earplugs (Four plugs in total).

    Magnetic Suspended Disco Ball Lamp

    Mysteriously, the 1-1/2" mirrored disco ball is suspended in mid-air and illuminated by lights from below. This cool lamp includes a 75" power cord with AC adaptor. Weighs 2-1/2 lbs. 11-1/4" tall and 6" wide.

    Projecting Disco Ball Lamp

    This projecting disco ball lamp uses different discs to create different "moods". Includes four different patterns and a rainbow disc for color, a 68" power cord with on/off switch. Stands 17-3/4" tall by 6" .


    The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signaling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. This code has been used for decades to "flag" in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. It is still a worthwhile resource, and among those who know, a great conversation starter.

    Kelly Green, Red, Navy Blue, Black, Gray, Dark Yellow, Light Blue, White, Dark Pink, Orange, Hunter Green, Brown, Beige, Gold, Camouflage, Purple, Lavender, Light Pink, Fuschia, Light Yellow, Robin's Egg Blue, Lime Green, Black & White Checks

    Look below for Hanky Code and order button.




    heavy SM top BLACK heavy SM bottom
    bondage top GREY ready to be tied up
    wants head LT BLUE cocksucker
    looking for 69 ROBIN'S EGG BLUE anything but 69ing
    fucking top NAVY BLUE fucking bottom
    fist fucker RED fist fuckee
    dildo fucker LIGHT PINK dildo fuckee
    tit torturer DARK PINK tit torturee
    piercer PURPLE pierced

    likes drag queens
    LAVENDER drag queen

    LIGHT YELLOW drool crazy
    two looking for one GOLD one looking for two

    anything anytime top
    ORANGE anything anytime bottom
    spanker FUSCHIA spankee

    hustler (for rent)
    KELLY GREEN john (looking to buy)
    daddy HUNTER GREEN boy looking for daddy

    dines off tricks (food)
    LIME GREEN dinner plate

    BEIGE rimmee
    scat top BROWN scat bottom
    jack me off WHITE I'll jack you off
    safe sex top BLK & WTE CHECKS safe sex bottom

    $3.00, 2 for $5.00
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