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Shur Shot Shower Enema Kits

Design Your
Shower Shot
the Way You Want
as Easy as 1-2-3

Now you can economically select exactly the elements you want in your shower! (Don't forget to get extra nozzles for everyone in your household and for your guests.)

#1 - Select Your Nozzles - 9 choices
#2 - Select a Hose Type and Length - 4 choices
#3 - Select a Diverter Valve - 2 choices

Or, select from these popular combinations we’ve assembled for your convenience:

Economy Kit - Standard Diverter Valve, 4' Metal Hose, Standard White Plastic Nozzle - $20 (save $5)

Standard Kit - Deluxe Diverter Valve, 5' Metal Hose, one Narrow Metal Nozzle, one Standard Metal Nozzle - $49 (save $13)

Deluxe Kit - Deluxe Diverter Valve, 6' Hose, two Narrow Metal Nozzles, two Standard Metal Nozzles - $79 (save $15)

Premium Kit - Deluxe Diverter Valve, 6' Hose, one Narrow Metal, two Standard Metal, and one Butt Plug Nozzles - $99 (save $23)

Big Daddy Kit - Deluxe Diverter Valve, 6' Hose, two Narrow Metal Nozzles, two Standard Metal Nozzles, two XL Metal Nozzles, one Butt Plug Nozzle, one Jelly Phallus Nozzle - $189 (save $30)

Select Kit: 
Click to enlarge#1 - Select Nozzles
(click for larger image)

(Get discounted price when you purchase at least two nozzles at the same time.)

A Narrow Metal - $12, 2 for $22
3.5" (9cm) long stainless steel, a little thicker than a pencil, single hole at tip

B Standard Metal - $15, 2 for $27
5" (13cm) long stainless steel, 5 holes at the tip

C Long Metal - $30, 2 for $53
6" (15cm) long satin-finished aluminum, 5 holes at tip

D Long Black Metal - $40, 2/$72
6" (15cm) long satin-finished black aluminum, 5 holes at tip

E Barbed-End Plug - $37, 2/$67
5" (13cm) long and about 5" (13cm) in diameter. It is made from anodized aluminum, with single hole at the tip, for use with plastic hoses, not threaded metal hoses

F Threaded-End Plug - $40, 2/$72
5.5" (14cm) long and about 5" (13cm) in diameter. It is made from anodized aluminum, with 5 holes at the tip

G Black Acrylic - $20, 2 for $36
5" (13cm) long and .75" (2cm) diameter, dishwasher safe acrylic with 7 holes at the tapered tip

H Narrow Plastic - $7, 2 for $12
3.5" (9 cm) long hard white plastic, a little thicker than a pencil, single hole at tip

J Standard Plastic - $10, 2 for $18
5" (13cm) long hard white plastic, 5 holes at the tip

K Jelly Phallus - $25, 2 for $45
7" (18cm) flexible clear jelly penis-shape with 45 small holes at the tip and along the shaft, 4.5" (11.5cm) circumference

$15.00, 2 for $27.00
Select Type: 
#2 - Select Metal Shower Shot Hose

Select hose length:

  • Four Feet Metal - $10 SALE - Now only $5 - limited time!
  • Five Feet Metal - $15
  • Six Feet Metal - $20

    All metal hoses have brass fittings and come with rubber washers.

    Select Type and Length: 
  • Click to enlarge#3 - Select Shower Shot Diverter Valve

    Attached at the showerhead is the Diverter Valve which in one position will direct the water flow to your Shower Shot, and in the other position the water goes straight to the showerhead as it normally would.

    Standard - Chrome/Plastic Diverter Valves.

  • S-1 uses a plastic push-in controller - $10.
  • S-2 uses a plastic controller knob you turn - $10.

    Deluxe - Chrome/Brass Diverters have brass valves.

  • D-1 has a plastic housing with a large dial to divert and control the flow of water - $20.
  • D-2 is all brass with chrome plating and uses a slide knob to divert the flow - $25.

    We ship all our diverters with plenty of washers. Don't forget to purchase a FLOW CONTROL VALVE which you can install at the nozzle end to control the pressure of the water as it exits.

    Select Type: 
  • Bidet Shower Shot Attachment

    The Bidet Attachment is a high quality option that provides a strong, cleansing stream composed of dozens of pinpoint water streams. The thumb controlled on/off switch allows for a perfectly placed cleaning stream.

    BSSRegular price: $26.00Sale price: $20.00
    Click to enlargeFlow Control Valve

    Not an absolute requirement for your shower shot system, but WOW what a difference it can make.

    Adjusting for the right temperature is is difficult enough without having to also adjust the knobs for the correct water flow. Not too strong... not too weak.

    Our Flow Control Valves allows you to CONTROL the volume to your shower shot without touching the hot or cold knobs.

    Two types available:

  • Plastic/Chrome - $19
  • Brass/Chrome - $25

    Select Type: 
  • Click to enlargePower Balls Shower Nozzle

    Our new shower nozzle features (5) 1" balls that make up this 6" overall length shower nozzle, with 5 large fountain holes at the tip. The nozzle has a standard threaded base that attaches to all our Shower Shot kits.

    Enema / Lube Syringe

    Now Available in 3 Sizes!

    These are very cool! Classic large volume syringes are made of high quality polished metal now available in 3 sizes. Operation is as follows: 1) Pull back the plunger. 2) Unscrew the cap and fill with liquid or lube. 3) Insert where you want the mixture to go and push the plunger... the contents squirts into the person. The tip can unscrew for easy cleaning. Order all three for only $109 and save big $$$.

  • 4oz/100cc - $40 Sale Only $30
  • 6oz/150cc - $55 Sale Only $42
  • 8oz/200cc - $65 Sale Only $55

    Select Size: 
  • CO2 Suppositories

    FREE SHIPPING - PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering only CO2 suppositories, your ground shipping is FREE! For expedited shipping, or for orders combined with other items, you'll have shipping calculated on those other items or shipping options.

    Our exclusive, hassle-free CO2 suppository:
    - Creates a deep cleansing douche using no water,
    - Eliminates the need for uncomfortable, messy enemas,
    - Dependable and easy to use - no refrigeration needed.

    Popular in Europe for years, the CO2 suppository is one of our most popular items. Simply moisten and insert as far up in your rectum as possible with your finger, wait between 15-30 minutes and you will feel an intense need to use the bathroom. The gas generated by the suppository forces out material in your rectum. You may need to make another trip or two to the bathroom, but for the most part you should be finished within an hour. For most people one suppository works fine.

    HOW DOES IT WORK: Our CO2 suppositories combine Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Bitartrate to generate approximately 150cc's of carbon dioxide (CO2). The release of gas gently distends the rectal ampulla and forces the matter in your bowels out, leaving you clean and ready for fun. There are no irritants in CO2 suppositories, and unlike uncomfortable enemas, they do not flush away the necessary bacteria in your digestive tract.

    Priced per strip (each strip contains 5 suppositories).

    CO2$15.00, 2 for $27.50, 4 for $50.00, 6 for $65.00, 10 for $100.00
    ONE FREE CO2 Suppository Strip

    ONE FREE ($10 value) CO2 Suppository strip with purchase of ten strips ($100). Each strip contains 5 individual suppositories. While supplies last. Limit one per order. CAN be combined with other SPECIAL OFFERS.

    BUY 10, GET 11$100.00
    Click to enlargeCLEANER - MAXIMUM IMPACT Ethyl Chloride Spray

    Ethyl chloride is a popular cleaning solvent great for all your specialized cleaning needs! We now have two brands to choose between - MAXIMUM IMPACT and JUNGLE JUICE GOLD available in separate listings.


    1 can - $19 each
    2 cans - $18 each - $36 total
    3 cans - $15 each - $45 total
    6 cans - $13.83 each - $83 total
    12 cans - $12.33 each - $148 total

    Click to enlargeCLEANER - JUNGLE JUICE GOLD Ethyl Chloide Spray

    JJ GOLD - 4.6oz

    1 can - $19 each
    2 cans - $18 each - $36 total
    3 cans - $15 each - $45 total
    6 cans - $13.83 each - $83 total
    12 cans - $12.33 each - $148 total

    No Razor Shaving Solution

    Here's some more of the Good Stuff for you... Magic Shaving Powder is formulated for Black Men to help stop their razor bumps (ingrown hairs). But this product is fantastic for anyone who wants a razorless, silky smooth, hairless body (or part of your body) without nicks, cuts or pain. Works really well - not comparable to Nair at all.

    Although everyone is different, this product can totally remove hair even on your "sensitive places". It's very effective and very inexpensive. We sell two types of the powder: GOLD has a fragrance and is at full strength. PLATINUM is gentler and has skin conditioning with Aloe and Vitamin E.

    Mix up powder according to directions, cake resulting goo on hairy parts, wait 7 minutes (watch that clock boys), and wash off in shower. You'll be impressed!

    We recommend mixing up a small, more diluted batch to test how sensitive your skin will be. You cannot apply more than once in a 36hr period. All the info is on the can. One can is sufficient for an average "total body shave". If no "type of powder" is selected below, we will ship Gold. 4.5 oz can.

    $4.00, 2 for $8.00
    Select Type of Powder: 
    Canvas Travel Kit

    This black cotton canvas toiletries bag is a practical storage pouch for all your cleaning attachments and is a travel necessity. Plastic-lined with a zipper, this quality travel kit is ideal for carrying lubes and other possibly "leaky" items. 10"x 5"x 5"

    R8126Regular price: $18.00Sale price: $14.00
    Anal Douche

    This water fillable anal douche is easy to assemble and clean. Designed for fun with a glow-in-the-dark spike, it can also be used for dispensing lube. Latex spike and rubber bulb.

    AD$10.00, 2 for $18.00
    Colt Anal Douche

    The Colt Anal Douche is similar to our other latex and rubber cleansing bulb with the addition of a red ribbed attachment that fits over tapered nozzle. 7-1/2" length bulb, 6" length attachment.

    CAD$15.00, 2 for $27.00
    Hygenic Douche

    This transparent douche is easy to use and clean. Comes with two different sizes of nozzles, each 4.5" long with 3.25" insertable. The smaller nozzle is just over .25" thick (1.25" around). The larger nozzle is .5" thick (1.75" around).

    Regular price: $12.00Sale price: $10.00
    Lube Squirter

    The Lube Squirter is a lubricant delivery system allowing you to insert lubricant exactly where you need it... inside! Not on your hands, the sheets, or everywhere else you don't want it. Two convenient sizes - 1-oz (30ml) or 2-oz (60ml).

    Perfect for those who like to mix their lubes. Use different squirters for different lubes, different partners, etc.

    Combining both sizes add to make discount.

  • One - $3
  • Set of three - $5
  • Set of six - $9

    Select size(s) below.

    LI $3.00, 3 for $5.00, 6 for $9.00
    Select Size: 
  • Disposable Enema Set (two kits)

    Includes two separate, complete kits, each with a 1500cc bag (almost Two Quarts) with attached hoses, pre-lubricated tips, absorptive pads, and a Castile Enema Soap packet. Ready to use.

    Two Quart Enema / Douche System

    This heavy-duty Two Quart Enema/Douche System features a quality white/yellow real rubber two quart bag, a white adult enema nozzle, a white vaginal nozzle, white plastic tubing (60"), one tubing shutoff clamp, and one suspension hook. Each kit also comes with two packets of Castile Enema Soap and Surgilube. They have a great rubber smell and each bag is guaranteed for life by it's manufacturer - no questions asked!!

    ENLX$25.00, 2 for $44.00
    Click to enlargeWhirlwind Travel Shot Kit

    The Whirlwind Travel Shot Kit attaches to most bathroom faucets, either sink or bathtub. Just slide the rubber connector over the faucet spout and it is ready to use. The Travel Shot comes with two plastic nozzles - one skinny for easy insertion and the other nozzle is standard size. Extra long 71 inch hose. Great for travel or when you can't use one of the more permanent Shower Shots above! All the threaded nozzles above also fit the Travel Shot. (Customers really love the convenient zippered vinyl bag that comes with this item - perfect for travel.)

    Oval Travel Bottle Sets

    These handy FDA-approved polyethylene oval bottles have leak-proof caps and are perfect for millions of things like throw-away lube containers or shampoo bottles for travel or the gym. Inexpensive enough to be disposable if you want. We have heard they can be used as "booze flasks" for sneaking alcohol into clubs to "jack up" weak drinks or avoid expensive cocktail prices. Available in three sizes:

  • Three 8oz Bottles
  • Five 4oz Bottles
  • Nine 2oz Bottles
  • Mixed - One 8oz, Two 4oz, Three 2oz

    If no size is selected, we will ship "Mixed".

    Select Type: 
  • Liquid Dispenser with Clock and Radio

    Dispenses the liquids of your choice neatly with just one finger. Designed to make your shower a clean, organized place, the Aviva Shower Station has two dispensers which will hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, bodywash - or lube! The Aviva Shower Station has a a digital clock and a high quality AM/FM radio built in! This organizer also has storage hooks suitable for razors, shower puffs and other accessories. The Aviva can be easily installed in minutes without any complicated tools. Simply adhere the station to your shower wall using two sided tape and silicone adhesive (included!). Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required

  • Color: White
  • Size: 7"H x 11.5"W x 3.8"D
  • This shower station features two 10 oz dispensers which you can fill with your favorite products.
  • AM/FM radio with an extra large speaker!
  • The dispensers and radio lift off the bracket for easy cleaning.

    SORegular price: $49.00Sale price: $39.00
  • Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap

    Think all dish soaps are the same? Think again. Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap contains 2X more everyday grease-cleaning power per drop. Concentrated formula helps you get through more dishes with less dish detergent. Original scent. 24 oz.

    Click to enlargeBathmate Hydrodouche

    The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a personal hygiene device designed to be used in the shower to complement your personal cleansing routine. Some of the key features and benefits of the new douche are:

  • Every component is made from medical grade material ensuring safe hygienic use
  • Gravity fed system puts the user in total control no nasty spikes in pressure or temperature
  • Completely controllable - you control the temperature of the water that fills the collection vessel. You can also control the flow rate with the hand controller
  • Adaptive Shower connector fits any shower
  • Lifetime guarantee on all parts - If for any reason any part of the douche fails we will replace the part free of charge
  • Easy to use - designed to be intuitive, making the use very easy
  • 9" Nozzle ensuring thorough cleanliness
  • Multi direction flow nozzle makes sure you get a 360 degree clean
  • Hygienic Wand Holder keeps the nozzle away from contaminates.

    The Hydrodouche includes:

  • Adjustable Securing Strap
  • Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
  • Hydro Chamber
  • Chamber Connector
  • Hose
  • Flow Regulator
  • Hydro Wand Connector
  • Hydro Wand

    Regular price: $159.00Sale price: $150.00

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