Big... Very Big

The Fist and the Hand

Need a hand? The fist and the hand toys are replicas of a real man's arm. The arm with hand measures 16" in length and 10" around the widest part of the hand, but the collapsed fingers allow "The Hand" to move more slowly and gradually as it enters and stretches the part of you with all those sensational feelings.

The arm with fist measures a full 14" in length and 10-1/2" around the widest part of the fist. These items are made of a flexible poly-melt construction so they they tend to bend around those delicate curves. For serious players only!

Priced Each$28.00, 2 for $52.00
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Click to enlargeThe Titan

The Titan is one massive dildo! Whether the word conjures up a mythical giant, a guided missile, or a moon of Saturn, this giant toy fits the image!

The Titan is 15" tall (13.5" insertable). It's 4" thick (12.5" around) at the head, and the shaft is a bit larger than 3.5" thick (11.7" around). The shaft is completely round, and there are prominant veins on the back. We stock Black and Flesh.

Total Length - 15" Insertable Length - 3.5" Minimum Thickness - 3.6" Minimum Circumference - 11.7" Maximum Thickness - 4" Maximum Circumference - 12.5"

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Click to enlargeDuoFist

If you like fisting, raise your hand(s)!

Like our other fisting toys, this awesome toy is cast from an actual fist - but you've never seen a fist toy like this one! It's a double-decker, one fist on top of another!

Whether you can't find a real fist, are playing with toys to work up to an actual fist, are curious about what fisting is like, or just like to stick big things up your favorite hole - this is a great substitute for the real thing.

This toy is 13" long. The fist is 3.5" thick (10.5" around) at the widest part of the hand, 2.5" thick (6.75" around) at the wrist, and 2.5" thick (6.75" around) at the base.

Available in Black and Natural.

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Click to enlargeBubble Butt Plug

The ultimate challenge for all master ass players!

If you're looking for a really full feeling, look no further than the Bubble Butt Plug! This plug is completely round, which of course is not a common shape for butt plugs.

And it's huge! The Bubble Butt Plug is 6" tall (5.25" insertable) and 4.75" thick (15.75" around). The neck is long enough to allow it to stay in place, and the large flat base creates a very strong suction on any smooth surface.

7580 $82.00
Click to enlargeThe Light House

The Light House Butt Plug is a tapered tower of anal ecstasy complete with three "pleasure rings" which feel great both coming and going!

This monster is 9" tall (8.5" insertable). The shaft is 2.75" thick (9" around) at the first ring; 3.25" thick (10.5" around) at the second ring; 3.75" thick (12" around) at the third ring; and 4.25" thick (13.5" around) at the base. (Measurements are taken just above the ring. The rings add another .5" of thickness!)

The large flat base provides a strong suction on any smooth surface, so stick it in and climb to the top!

Click to enlargeThe ForeArms

The ForeArms are the perfect training toys for those interested in large play. Available in FOUR sizes, their smooth latex surfaces and tapered forms mimic the human hand and forearm. They have pointed tips for easy entry, and a nice bulge followed by a narrow neck - anchored with a suction cup.

A: Small ForeArm - $35
  • Total Length: 14"
  • Insertable Length: 13"
  • Head Thickness: 2.25" (7.5" around)
  • Neck Thickness: 1.5" (5.25" around)

    B: Medium ForeArm - $50

  • Total Length: 15"
  • Insertable Length: 14"
  • Head Thickness: 2.75" (8.5" around)
  • Neck Thickness: 2" (6.25" around)

    C: Large ForeArm - $87

  • Total Length: 18"
  • Insertable Length: 17"
  • Head Thickness: 3.25" (10.5" around)
  • Neck Thickness: 2.25" (7.25" around)

    D: ForeArm Extreme - $105
  • Total Length: 22"
  • Insertable Length: 21"
  • Head Thickness: 3.75" (12" around)
  • Neck Thickness: 3" (9.75" around)
    The ForeArm Collection - $152
  • The Small, Medium and Large versions of the ForeArm at a discount. Save $20 !

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  • Monster Joe DongMonster Joe Dong

    If you're into giant sized toys, then the MONSTER Joe Dong is for you. Essentially the MONSTER Joe is the same shape as his smaller cousin, Mighty Joe, except on steroids. Created for deep exploration and stretching, this behemoth is 15" long (13" insertable), 2.75" thick (9.25" around) just below the head, and grows to 3.5" thick (11.75" around) at the base.

  • Total length - 15"
  • Insertable length - 13"
  • Maximum thickness - 3.5"
  • Maximum circumference - 11.75"

    Sold by some vendors as the "Homo Gigantus."

    We now stock both Black and Flesh colors in PVC, with a MEGA Suction Cup! Lots of ways to customize!

    1073Regular price: $80.00Sale price: $76.00
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  • Click to enlargeDick Rambone

    Size does matter. The Dick Rambone Cock is one of the longest dongs available, and many agree it is the ideal toy for "starters" for the REALLY big toys. It's 17" from the tip to the base (13.5" if you don't count the balls and suction cup base) and 7.5" around (2.25" thick) at the widest point. The veins are hard and pronounced and make for a great sensation.

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    Click to enlargeTower of Power aka The Fire Hydrant

    This incredible butt plug is designed for the truly adventurous. With a total length of 10.5 inches and an insertable length of 9.5 inches, this giant is sure to give even the most ardent big toy connoisseurs a run for their money.

    The 17 inch circumference mushroom style head that is 5.5 inches thick reduces to it's minimum thickness of 4.5 inches, spreading to its maximum circumference of 18 inches around and 6 inches thick.

    Click to enlargeThe Cannon

    The Cannon is definitely an amazing piece of heavy artillery! Weighing in at over ten pounds, this PVC monster is 13" tall (10.5" insertable). And it's thick also... 14" around at the head. And it just gets bigger from there! The "barrel" of the cannon tapers gradually to 17.25" circumference. Stocked in Black. Standard version rests with flat base. Option for "Under Pour" hollowed out bottom that creates suction on smooth surfaces.

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    Click to enlargeGiant Flexible Cock - 17 incher

    With its fairly flexible shaft, this is one of the biggest toys around, and one of our most popular for big toy enthusiasts. Available in Natural and Black.

    17" - Total length
    15" - Insertable length
    2.75" - Maximum thickness
    9" - Maximum circumference

    $49.00, 2 for $92.00
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    Jumbo Beast

    The Jumbo Beast will fill you up and spread you out! The head and shaft are smooth so it will slide in and out very easily. Blunt head may take so getting used to.

    A sturdy 16" tall, 3" (7.5cm) beer can thick, 10" (31cm) around and the balls provide a heavy, stable base. New improved, softer, rubber for a more comfortable ride. If you like it fat and long, the Jumbo Beast is for you. Available in Natural and Black.

    PP0125$66.00, 2 for $110.00
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    Click to enlargeStumpy with Balls

    Stumpy is a real challenge! He's 10.5" long (8" insertable), and 10" around (3" thick) at the head. That's a little thicker than a beer can! Available in black or natural.

    10.5" - Total length
    8" - Insertable length
    3" - Maximum thickness
    10" - Maximum circumference

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    Huge Classic Plug

    Wow! The Huge Classic Plug is taller and wider than the Extra Large Plug above. It's 9" tall (7" insertable) and 14" around at the widest point (4.5" in diameter). This monster has a solid latex core with a sturdy plastic outer covering and weighs in at over 3.5 lbs. It's a real challenge for even the most advanced player. Also doubles as a convenient door stop or very kinky mini-Christmas tree. (This item cannot be Express mailed.)

    PP0207Regular price: $45.00Sale price: $42.00
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    Click to enlargeEl Gordo

    El Gordo esta mucho grande! This monster vinyl toy weighs 5.5 pounds and is 9" from base to tip with 6" insertable. The shaft is 3" in diameter. The base spans 9.5". There are three prominent ridges below the head. Check out the huge balls which weigh El Gordo down to a stationary surface. Can be used with any type of lubricant. And yes, that's an actual 2-liter bottle of Sprite! (just to show scale, you'll have to get your own beverage). Sumo

    Red Right Monster Plug

    The Red Right Monster butt plug is 9" tall (7" insertable), 1.25" thick at the tip, and 4.5" thick (14.25" around) at the widest part. A smooth red polymer covers the harder latex core making it uniquely soft to th touch but still firm enough that it won't collapse under pressure. We know you'll give the Red Right a hand - maybe even a standing ovation!

    Double WhammyDouble Whammy

    The Double Whammy is one of the shortest and thickest toys made. The compound-headed Whammy is 8.5" tall (8" insertable). The top head starts at about 2" thick (6" around) and widens to 3.75" thick (11" around). The bottom head is 3" thick (6.5" around) at the top and swells to 4.75" thick (15" around) at the bottom - that's about TWO beer cans thick! Sold by some vendors as the Double Wide GigaDong.

  • Total length - 8.5"
  • Insertable length - 8"
  • Maximum thickness - 4.75"
  • Maximum circumference - 15"

    In Stock, ready to ship in colors FLESH and BLACK (PVC), but we can make one up exactly to your specifications for no additional charge.

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  • The CaterpillarThe Caterpillar

    With a corkscrew effect, the contours of the Caterpillar are just firm enough as it's made with PVC rubber. This is one big bug that all giant toy fans won't want to miss out on.

    Overall measurements are:

    11.75" long (9'5" insertable) if you can cram it in!). Its 3" thick (9.5" around) at the head, 4" thick (12.75" around) halfway down, and 4.5" thick (13.75" around) at the base.

    In stock, ready to ship in both Black and Flesh (PVC), but can be customized just the way you want!

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    Click to enlargeHumpity Bumpity with Suction Cup

    This big-headed bumpy dildo was one of our most popular items when we heard the manufacturer was discontinuing it - so we purchased all they had left.

    The Humpity Bumpity has a nice round, fat head. It goes in smooth and deep, and you'll really feel those bumps! This latex toy is 12.5" long (12" insertable). The head is 2" thick (6.5" around), and the bumps are about 2.5" thick (7.25" around) and has a good set of balls to grab onto and a suction cup.

    Click to enlargeThe Walrus

    The Walrus looks somewhat similar to the Caterpillar - just bigger. This giant toy is 13" tall with 12" insertable. The head of the Walrus is 3.5" thick, 11" around; the neck is 3" thick, 9.75" around; the first bulge is 4" thick, 13" around; the second bulge is 4.5" thick, 15.25" around. Now stocked in both Black and Flesh colors.

    The Walrus: 
    Click to enlargeMonolith Popper

    The Monolith Popper is a realistic tower of PVC standing 12.5" tall (10.75" insertable). It's 3.25" thick (10.25" around) at the head. The shaft narrows to 2.75" thick (8.75" around) just under the head, and then swells out to 3.5" thick (11.5" around) at the base... creating a lot of "pop" sensation, hence the "popper" name.

    Click to enlargeButt Bomb

    Resembling an atomic explosion, the Butt Bomb is 6.5" tall (6" insertable). The atomic mushroom head is 4.25" thick (13.5" around). The shaft is 3.5" thick (11.75" around) under the head, and explodes to 5.25" thick (17" around) at the base.

    The large flat base provides a strong suction on any smooth surface and is designed to detonate experienced players.

    Click to enlargeGoliath Realistic

    Goliath is six lbs of giant vinyl toy, standing 14.5" tall. The monster's head starts about 2" thick (about 6.5" around), and expands to 4" thick (12.5" around). The mighty shaft is about 3.75" thick (11.5" around) right under the head, and swells to almost 5" thick (14.75" around) at the base. A big toy for experienced players only!

    PP0337Regular price: $198.00Sale price: $188.00

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