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Click to enlargeBlack Nitrile Gloves

Our black nitrile medical grade examination gloves are designed for strength and comfort. Nitrile is 3x as strong as vinyl and latex gloves, without the potential exposure to allergens in those materials. Safe for use with all types of lubricants. Box of 100 (95 for XL and XXL) Sizes Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large

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BNGRegular price: $22.00Sale price: $16.00
Black Nitrile Gloves: 
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Click to enlarge Mens Large Elbow-Length Gloves

These elbow-length molded latex gloves are sized large at 21.5 inches from tip of middle finger to edge of sleeve opening. Allow for some stretch. Whether you are poking, prodding, fisting, or teasing - these gloves look great and can be lubricated for an exciting experience. Imported from England.

ELGRegular price: $36.00Sale price: $30.00
Avanti Polyurethane Condoms

The Avanti has several advantages over typical latex condoms. They're larger (similar in size to a "magnum" or "max" version of a latex condom), thinner construction and transmit more sensation than any other condom that protects against STDs.

The polyurethane that they are made of transmits heat much better than latex, which further enhances the "it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a condom" feeling. They don't taste like anything, which is great for safe oral sex. And, for anal sex, they do not degrade in the presence of oil-based or water-based lubes.

Priced per three pack box.

APC 3-pack$7.00, 3 for $18.00
Bareback Condoms

Contempo Bareback Condoms are super sensitive. When using these condoms it feels like you are using nothing at all. Barebacks are lubricated for a natural feeling and are very light but strong and provide extra sensitivity. These condoms have a reservoir tip for added comfort and safety and are tested three times to ensure the highest quality and maximum reliability. They have a slightly flared shape that provides heightened sensation.

Priced per three pack box.

BBC 3-pack$4.00, 3 for $10.00
Sensis Thin with Quikstrips

Sensis latex condoms feature a revolutionary patented solution for correct condom application everytime, even in the dark: Quikstrips - two disposable polyethylene strips rolled into either side of the sheath. Sensis goes on in a split second (so the moment is not lost), and is actually enjoyable to apply. Lubrication stays where it belongs. No latex smell on the hands. No touching of the condom means less chance of tearing or nicking, and correct reservoir spacing at the tip is assured. Altogether, many common user errors that can compromise protection are eliminated. Box of 12.

Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms claim "they are the closest thing to nothing at all" and we agree. They are made of Japanese latex, the thinnest and highest quality in the world. Half the thickness of the typical Trojan, that means DOUBLE the sensation. And you can use them with confidence because these condoms are strong - strong enough for you to put your whole FIST in it and it won't break. Great for stretching over your favorite dildos to help with clean-up.

Reservoir end. Only use water based lubes with this condom. - While supply lasts, get 15 for the price of 12. Even more savings when you purchase 2 boxes!

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Dental Dams

Dental dams are sheets of 6" x 6" latex used in oral surgery to prevent germ transmission. In sexual contexts, used as barriers during oral sex for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sorry, out of stock.

SR-A286 -6$1.00, 6 for $5.00, 18 for $9.00
Oval Travel Bottle Sets

These handy FDA-approved polyethylene oval bottles have leak-proof caps and are perfect for millions of things like throw-away lube containers or shampoo bottles for travel or the gym. Inexpensive enough to be disposable if you want. We have heard they can be used as "booze flasks" for sneaking alcohol into clubs to "jack up" weak drinks or avoid expensive cocktail prices. Available in three sizes:

  • Three 8oz Bottles
  • Five 4oz Bottles
  • Nine 2oz Bottles
  • Mixed - One 8oz, Two 4oz, Three 2oz

    If no size is selected, we will ship "Mixed".

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  • Speciman Transport Vial

    These leak-proof plastic vials have a screw top and have a flat bottom so they stand up on their own. Vial has 1ml hash marks up to 8ml. Total capacity of vial is 10ml.

    STV$0.20, 10 for $1.50, 25 for $2.50
    Disposable Foam Earplugs<br> <font color=white>(package of 10 pairs)</font color>

    These comfortable, lightweight foam plugs are easy to use- simply roll between fingers, insert in ear and hold for several seconds. Disposable yet durable enough to be reused. Rated 29dB. (approx. reduces the sound level of an average club music system to the level of conversational speech). Great in submission scenes to add to sensory deprivation in combination with gags and blindfolds. Sold in packages of ten individually wrapped pairs of earplugs (Twenty plugs in total).

    Reuseable Earplugs<br> <font color=white>(package of 2 pairs)</font color>

    Innovative design of ultrathin, extremely flexible triple flanges, like a Christmas tree, these earplugs are among the smallest and most effective reuseable earplugs anywhere. The stem is flat, providing a firm grip allowing for easy insertion. Hypo-allergenic. Washable and reuseable, each pair packaged in an individual ziplock bag. Extremely comfortable and highly effective with a 31dB rating. (approx. reduces the sound level of a LOUD club music system to the level of conversational speech). Sold in packs of 2 individually wrapped pairs of earplugs (Four plugs in total).

    Click to enlargeKnee Pads

    Spend a lot of time on your knees? We have three comfort solutions for you:

  • Flexible Pads provide ample cushion as well as freedom of movement. They can be worn UNDER your pants so no one can tell. Only $10

  • Hard Cap Pads feature a hard polypropylene cap with comfortable foam padding for maximum protection for your knees. Only $10

  • Super Rubber Pads feature a shock absorbing inner foam padding for super comfortable protection. Only $25

    All include two pads.

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  • J-Lube Mixing / Storage ContainersJ-Lube Mixing / Storage Containers

    One great attribute of J-Lube is being able to mix it up in advance just the way you like it, and store it in the freezer. Here are three great FDA-approved containers especially for mixing and storing J-Lube. Please note that no J-lube is included with these containers.

    One-Hander: this wide-mouth food-quality polyethylene canister holds a little more than one quart (34 oz). Red ribbed top for easy gripping. 5" diameter by 4" tall.
    $5 each

    Two-Hander: this wide-mouth food-quality polyethylene canister holds almost two quarts (60 oz). Red ribbed top for easy gripping. 5" diameter by 6-3/8" H" tall.
    $8 each

    J-Lube Bucket: 1.25 gallons (160 oz) heavy duty quality container has a convenient fold-down handle and is perfect for mixing up large batches of J-lube. The twist-on, easy-grip lid has a neoprene gasket that seals for air-tight, moisture-resistant storage. Width at widest point 9". Overall height with cover in place 9.25.
    $15 each

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    Braided Cord

    This braided nylon cord looks like a thick shoelace (3/16" diameter). 50 feet is plenty to wrap up your favorite body part or secure someone else's to the bedframe. We presume there are lot's of other uses around the house as well. Olive drab in color.

    R190$3.00, 2 for $5.00

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